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Not all nannofossil data, biostratigraphic interpretations, or correlations are of the same quality. If you want high-quality data and reliable ages and correlations, experience counts...

What do I do?

*Nannofossil slide preparation: I can either make slides from your samples myself, or they can be done by your preferred provider.

*Nannofossil logging and data interpretation: I count nannofossils in 100 fields of view (per standard industry practice) and plot the data in Excel. I interpret the biostratigraphy from these data, using standard biozonation schemes, or I can apply your in-house scheme. I provide a summary of the interpreted age on the Excel chart, in a way that's easy to understand, even if you're not a biostratigrapher. If there's more than one well or outcrop section, I can provide a correlation in Excel.

*Real-time remote-microscope logging: Whilst I don't go offshore, I do have experience with rig-based remote-microscope logging, so if you have the system and a tech who knows how to operate it, I can work offshore in (almost) realtime.

*Reinterpretation/correlation of old/legacy/other company data: Fossil ages can go out of date, leaving you with legacy age-models that don't accord with more up-to-date interpretations of fossil data. The names of nannofossils (taxonomy) and the stratigraphic ages they provide (biostratigraphy) are subject to being updated, as new species are discovered, old species' names are changed to reflect a better understanding of familial relationships, or species ranges are better-constrained through years of observation. You may need to use old information that was interpreted using an outdated biozonation scheme, which may provide erroneous ages, or the data may contain unfamiliar nannofossil names, making it difficult to apply a more up-to-date biozonation scheme. Or you may have a dataset provided by someone inexperienced. All of these scenarios can seriously affect your age-model. I can take your old data and reinterpret it to provide more accurate dates and correlations. I am actively involved in taxonomic and biostratigraphic research, and so keep abreast of such new developments.

Why choose me?

*Experience counts! I have 30+ years of experience in Mesozoic taxonomy and biostratigraphy. I don't sell myself as a jack(ie)-of-all-trades. I do Mesozoic and I do it very well. My expertise is clear to see from my peer-reviewed publications and because I have satisfied repeat clients - feel free to ask around about me. And even though I only do Mesozoic, I can still work your entire well/section if it contains Cenozoic - I work with a network colleagues who specialise only in the Cenozoic, and who have at least 20 years of experience each.

*I will always deliver your results on time. I don't do rig work, so I'm always available and your project won't be put on hold, or handed off to someone with less experience.

*No project is too big or too small.

*My services are very competitively priced.

*My data and interpretations are presented in a straightforward format, and I don't charge you for what you don't need, such as reports that repeat what is simpler to understand on the Excel chart.

So, how much do I charge?

I charge a flat-rate per slide that will suit even the leanest budget in these depressed-market times. I'm not the cheapest on the market, but I'm nowhere near the most expensive, either. And I'm always open to a deal for large projects. You don't need to set up a new account to pay me - I can invoice you through a colleague's company that is likely already in your company's system. Don't gamble with your budget - experience really does count!

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